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Activity based selling - Pipedrive's superpower

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Activity Based Selling

The new generation of sales managers are realising that activity-based selling is the new cutting-edge sales tool. Not only does it make it easy to manage your team effectively, but it allows your sales team to focus on leading indicators rather than lagging metrics.

It is far more effective to focus on future activities rather than on past barometers, such as close rates, quota and deal size. They are lagging indicators that don't allow you to get ahead of the game. Modern sales managers are insisting on real-time feedback on what their team is doing and what they are succeeding with. You need to be alerted to issues ahead of time via your pipeline and completed activities. Don't get caught out! Using activities to drive sales is simple with Pipedrive. You can even set activity types and get your staff using them straight away.

Pipedrive is the world's leading activities-based CRM. Motii works with your business to customise Pipedrive so that it fits your existing business practices. With automated reporting, revenue forecasts and in-depth sales analysis, it’s even easier to not only keep up and but to actually get ahead.


What Is Activity Based Selling?

Activities stop salespeople from getting caught up in their day-to-day. They can focus on small, easy-to-complete and highly visible tasks that move the needle a bit at a time. Instead of looking at the macro and waiting for the big deals to drop, they are making it happen little by little.

Salespeople often don't know what to concentrate on and they end up not knowing what truly matters. 


How Do I Start With Activity-Based Selling?

With, it is simple to get started. Create your six or seven key activities and spend 10 minutes teaching your sales team how to use them. If they make a phone call, record it as a call with the click of a button. You can then simply schedule a follow-up activity - again with a click of a button.


How Do I Track My Salespeople?

Pipedrive's native reports can track day-to-day activities for salespeople and sales departments. Simply bookmark the URL of your reports and you can check progress hour-by-hour if you wish.

How do I know what is a positive and what is a negative?

Once you have a few months’ worth of data, you'll begin to see a pattern. See what your top performers are doing and how that tracks in the analytics. Assess your data and make sure that the activities that are seemingly meaningful are actually achieving results. Correlation is not causation, so make sure that you assess the data as a whole.  


How Do I Make Changes?

Using an activities-based CRM makes it easy to make changes. You are able to see in almost real-time how much work each salesperson is doing. They are now a leading (and not a lagging) indicator, so you can make changes that affect the future.

What is the biggest advantage to activities-based selling with Pipedrive?

Too often in sales, the focus is on what is closing this month or this week. The issue with that approach is that it doesn't have any effect on what actually closes. Deals that are closing in the next weeks have already had the hard work done. It is those deals which are in the early stages of the sales cycle that have the biggest impact.

With activity-based selling you are provided with sales data that is free from human bias and allows you to provide sales management that makes a difference. Instead of your salespeople getting bogged down at a certain point in their process, activities-based selling shows you as sales managers exactly where that pain point is and how to solve it.

You can use the data to make educated changes and set your team on the path to success.

Amber Holmes

Co-founder at Motii

A serial GM and attention to detail queen. Amber wrote the book on the value of documentation, collaboration and teamwork.

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