Motii launches vendor reports for real estate

Running a real estate business is challenging work. It involves juggling many different areas dealing with buying, selling, management, operation and investment of land and buildings, while meeting the needs of multiple clients. It’s a lot of competing tasks that all require ongoing attention. This is why a CRM is so important. But not just any CRM, one specifically tailored to the needs of real estate businesses – and Motii are the Pipedrive real estate specialists.

Both founders have a background in real estate, with extensive knowledge into the inner workings of running a real estate business. This makes us the perfect fit when it comes to providing the features and functions you need in a reliable and helpful CRM. Here at Motii, our team does more Pipedrive real estate implementations than any other type. It’s what we specialise in. And we are constantly looking to improve and update systems, so you have the latest technology on hand when it comes to operating your business. One of our latest features is vendor reports, to make juggling your business even easier.

The launch of our new vendor reports feature enables your agency to provide sellers with beautiful and informative reports that are auto generated and sent. What does this mean for you? It means no more busy Friday afternoons or crazy Monday mornings spent collating vendor reports to get sent out as soon as possible. Head off to those team drinks knowing that the vendor reporting feature has been building the reports throughout the week, before sending a PDF straight to your vendor with a link to the live report. How easy is that?

Motii’s unique Pipedrive real estate setup offers you, and your vendors, peace of mind without all the hard work on your end. Combined with Pipedrive's easy-to-use interface, nothing makes real estate easier than the partnership between Motii and Pipedrive.

Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

Serial successful start-up Founder, and former C-level executive, Ben understands that data and systems are what makes everything tick.

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