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Motii launches vendor reports for real estate

Motii are the Pipedrive real estate specialists. Both founders have a background in real estate and our team does more Pipedrive real estate implementations than any other type.

And now with the launch of our new vendor reports feature, your agency can provide your vendors with beautiful and informative vendor reports that are autogenerated and sent.

No more spending Friday afternoons or Monday mornings collating vendor reports. Motii's new vendor reporting feature builds itself as the week goes by and then send a PDF of the report straight to the vendor as well as a link to the live report.

Based on your activities and Motii's unique Pipedrive real estate setup, the vendor report is provides your vendors with peace of mond without you needing to do all the hard work of actually preparing the report.

When combined with Pipedrive's easy-to-use interface nothing makes real estate easier than Motii and Pipedrive.

"We needed expert help, advice that would really make a difference. Motii outlined the areas where they thought we could make small but effective changes and together we implemented them. It was pain-free and cost-effective."
Dhiren Bhatia
Founder & MD
Dubai, UAE

It's time to turbo charge your sales experience

As Pipeline instalation experts Motii has worked with clients from around the world and across all industries with experience in SaaS, IT, Real Estate, Financial Services, Business Services, Hospitality, Retail and Wholesale, Education, Health and more.

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