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Amber Holmes

Pipedrive releases new features + pricing tiers

Today Pipedrive has relased a slew of new features and added a new pricing tier.

The new features include: Call Tracking, AI Sales Assistant, Sales Insights and Reports, a Sales Insights App, Security Dashboard and Group Email.

The interface has also been updated. They have improved the UI and updated functionality across Pipedrive, making for a better user experience.  The new look is cleaner and simpler.

The new pricing tiers are: Essential (replacing Silver), Advanced (replacing Gold), Professional (replacing Platinnum) and Enterprise (a new tier geared towards large clients).

Essential (formerly Silver): This tier receives a new fetaure which is AI Sales Assistant. Many of you would have noticed this feature being rolled out over May, June, July 2019. You can also now customise the pipeline more easily and the pipeline edit feature has moved from 'Settings' to the actual pipeline view page.

Advanced (Gold): You can now access Single Sign-On (SSO) on the Advanced plan. This is great news for the Sys Admins for medium to larger teams. There look to have beem some permissions settings changes (down from three levels to two levels) and there is now a ceiling on the number of Automations per user (30). The recently released Group Email feature is now not available on this tier. The scheduler is also now available only in basic format on the Essential and Advanced plans. Check back in next week as we are still getting updates on what this and the other changes mean for exisitng users. We will be writing another blog once we have the details.

Professional (formerly Platinum): New features include Sales Insight and Reports, Sales Insights App, Security Dashboard, Call Tracking and Group Email. Motii will provide a detailed blog post next week covering off the good and the bad of these new features.

Of most interest is the new Call Tracking (ability to make phone calls out of the web app) and the Insights and Reports app.

Group Email is a great feature that was previously, albeit for only a short period of time, available on the Advanced (Gold) plan.

The devil will be in the detail here, especially regarding the reporting side of things. We'll report back once we know more but this is an area that Pipedrive have needed to improve and good news could be just around the corner.

Enterprise (new): This plan includes all the features of the other plans. The difference is that you get your own dedicated implementation and account manager plus set-up and onboarding assistance, support for individual users, help with pipeline customisation, permissions and security as well as telephone support.

So what does all this mean for exiting users? Given most users are on the Advanced (formerly Gold) plan, the changes do not amount to much. There may be now more incentive to upgrade to Professional (formerly Platinum) but we need to see 'behind the curtain' re the new reporting features and call tracking before deciding this.

Once Motii has got hands on with the new features we'll be back here blogging about the good and the bad of the Pipedrive update.

"We had bits of information scattered across different systems and the Motii team were able to bring it all together in a systematic fashion while keeping everything within scope and budget. We can’t recommend Motii highly enough."
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