Relationship Selling with Pipedrive

What is relationship selling?

Genuine relationships are front and centre when it comes to building a successful real estate business.

Relationship selling is when you sell yourself, not your product. Naturally your product will always be an element of every sale you make, but when you take the focus away from the price and performance of the product and put it on the interpersonal relationship you have with the client, that is relationship selling.

It is widely understood that it costs less to win repeat business and retain the clients you have, then it does to go out and find new clients. This is why relationship selling plays such a vital role in real estate.

It is all about building an understanding between you and the client and creating an environment of mutual respect.

Here are some of the key factors that are involved in relationship selling:

1.       Communication

It sounds simple enough, but you need to have open and honest communication with your clients. You don’t want them to be passed off from person to person within your business. It should be the one point of contact throughout the entire process to help them feel valued and taken care of.

2.       Empathy

Empathy is one of those key traits that will get you far in life – both personal and professional. Understanding their needs and supporting them goes a long way in building a lasting relationship.

Of course, maintaining relationships in this way isn’t easy in a business. With leads coming in from a number of different platforms and being managed by different people within the business, it can be hard to know exactly where you are up to.

This is where Pipedrive and Motii come into the picture. Together, they have built the best CRM for real estate relationship selling, allowing you to nurture clients every step of the way. You can stay in touch, keep track of conversations and be there for your clients when they need you, without missing a beat.

Pipedrive is an activities-based CRM, so you can achieve this better than any other option out there. Motii has built on top of their superior technology to offer an all-in-one, integrated system that allows you to focus on customer relationships with less clients falling through the cracks. You can use the Contacts Timeline to visually track where each of your clients is at in the selling process, allowing you to quickly and easily follow up.

There is nothing more important than building strong relationships and an effective CRM makes this easy.

Amber Holmes

Co-founder at Motii

A serial GM and attention to detail queen. Amber wrote the book on the value of documentation, collaboration and teamwork.

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