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Why did Motii build an API client on top of Pipedrive?

Why did Motii build an API client on top of Pipedrive? 

If there is one question we get asked alot here at Motii, it’s why we decided to build our API client on top of PIpedrive and why concentrate on only Pipedrive CRM?   And it’s a valid question! 

First and foremost, we love Pipedrive. It is constantly rated the world’s easiest to use CRM, so for us it was a no brainer. How does the saying go… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Pipedrive is the complete opposite. It is constantly soaring to new heights, so we felt, if it’s already awesome, don’t mess with it. It made sense to jump on for the ride to ensure we could bring our clients the best there is out there.

What makes Pipedrive awesome? 

If there’s one thing you want in the business world, it’s stability. Pipedrive is a billion dollar company, which means they can achieve things that simply couldn’t be replicated by smaller businesses with similar goals. A big budget leads to better features and continual improvements to ensure the end product is always delivering.

Motii is that smaller company. We’ll own up right now, we don’t have the budget or resources to achieve what Pipedrive has. But, we know a good thing when we see it. So, we’ve done the best thing possible and have jumped to ride the coat-tails of Pipedrive’s huge investment and worldwide presence to deliver what is, simply, the salesperson friendly crm software tailored to your industry. 

What does this mean for you? It means you have two amazing businesses working together with your best interests at heart. While Pipedrive continues to grow and innovate, here at Motii we are focused solely on building custom features on top of their awesome infrastructure, so you get the best of the best. We work hard to deliver commission calculations, custom reports, stocklists, tailored integrations and all those other handy features that are specifically targeted at the your industry,

Why is Pipedrive the ideal vehicle for Motii to build on top of? 

Pipedrive earned their way to the top to become this billion-dollar company. And it’s easy to see how. Their platform is  full of amazing tools for companies that are looking to use fewer platforms and have better results for it. 

You can get rid of all those interconnected systems and use the system that is specifically designed for salespeople. But, let’s face it. The only way to truly show what sets them apart is to drive into some of the amazing features they offer and just what benefits they can have for your business.

So, why Pipedrive? Take a look at these easy to use tools that are already part of the Pipedrive CRM, and you'll understand why we decided to structure our entire business on top of Pipedrive. 

Pipedrive’s Native Feature Set 

PIpedrive is one of the world’s leading CRMs and is consistently rated the world’s easiest -to-use CRM. It has a long list of amazing, in-built features that are the perfect fit for salespeople in the industries we work with. 

  • Activities and tasks overview.
  • Sync tasks with you Outlook or Google calendar.
  • Email templates.
  • Meeting scheduler (synced with your calendar).
  • Email sync - your Outlook/Gmail email and Pipedrive act as one.
  • Class leading communications tracker.
  • Visual pipelines for easy deal management.
  • Workflow automations to make you more productive.
  • Customisable sales and activities reports.
  • Top-rated mobile phone app.
  • Merge duplicates feature.
  • Email open and link tracking.

We are going to take you through a few of our favourite features in-depth, so you can understand them better.


Pipedrive has a built-in, meeting-scheduling tool. It syncs directly with your Outlook or Google calendar, which means you don’t need to use external tools like Calendly. You can create meeting links based on all sorts of criteria for all sorts of situations. It saves all that back and forth over email trying to find a time that suits.

Let’s take a look at an example. Say, for instance, you only want to have face-to-face meetings only between  2pm and 4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Not an issue. The Pipedrive Schedule allows you to block these times for only that type of meeting. It gives you back control without you needing to micro-manage every moment of your day. 

Activities Management

Although for project management you can use tools like  Monday.com, Process Street, Asana, BaseCamp and more. Pipedrive is, at heart, an activities-based CRM and Motii has built on top of that to customise this amazing feature specifically for your industry. You can:

  • Assign tasks to yourself, your PA or other admin.
  • Set activities for yourself and have Pipedrive auto-create to-do lists.
  • You’ll be less reliant on your PA and more self-sufficient allowing you to reduce your PA’s hours or reassign him to more productive work than managing your calendar.
  • Assign activities to other people in your team, create notes that are either private or client facing, set due dates and times and even invite vendors via these activities and that invite will auto-sync with your calendar.
  • These activities auto-link to the person and organisation, as well as the deal you are working on. You can track everything at a company, person or transaction level and report and on all of that.

Track Emails

Syncing your Outlook, Gmail, or other email with Pipedrive is easy. Once synced, you have one seamless inbox to manage. Emails are automatically lodged against the person, deal and property within Pipedrive, so they are easy to keep track of and find when you need.

Pipedrive auto tracks and logs the emails sent from your inbox and places them against the correct record in Pipedrive. Similarly, if you send an email from Pipedrive it will appear in your sent folder in Outlook or Gmail. This allows you to keep a thorough and easy-to-follow record of communication with your vendors, prospects and other stakeholders. All of this is auto-linked to the correct record in Pipedrive.

Once you have synced your inbox, you can also track email opens and link clicks. This allows you to see if an email has been opened prior to you contacting them. 

Limitless Cloud Drive 

Pipedrive auto-syncs with Google Drive. You can upload an unlimited amount of files and documents directly against the property, person or deal. 

  • It is easy to store all of your large files directly on the property.
  • Create custom fields to store links you might want to drop into email templates.
  • If you have link tracking turned on you’ll know if that link has been viewed.

Mobile App to Easily Track Calls

By using the Pipedrive mobile app you can easily track all of your inbound and outbound calls against the person and deal they are related to. These record as activities, so you can extract meaningful analytics regarding call volumes by property, salesperson or team:

  • It is simple to lookup your contacts from the phone app or browser and log the activity against your contact.
  • Everything logs automatically .
  • Using this feature, every call is tracked in Pipedrive, so you know whether those "10 calls before 10am” have been made….or not.

Live-Chat and Chat-Bots

Pipedrive has class-leading live chat and chat-bot features that are available at a fraction of the cost of external services. This makes handling high volumes of inbound communications a breeze. You can be available for your clients 24/7 without worrying about paying staff to be at their desks for this time. 

Prospects engage with the chat-bot or live and the result is a brand new deal created with all of the details and notes you need, including the contact details of the person and more.  This brilliant feature is built right into Pipedrive so you don’t need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars per month on the subscription and hundreds or thousands upfront integrating it.


If you’re a salesperson,  agent or business broker and need to generate leads, then prospector is the outbound lead-gen tool you’ve been waiting for. After entering a search query, Pipedrive displays all organisations and contacts that match your requirements. You can then choose to add these leads to your leads section in Pipedrive and begin targeting them immediately. 


Don’t pay for expensive external form builders. Pipedrive’s very own webforms feature everything you need to capture prospects information on your website or landing page and bring it into Pipedrive. You have the option to configure it to create leads, deals, people and organisations.

We could go on, but I think you get our point. If you find yourself asking, why have built our platform on top of Pipedrive, the answer is actually very simple. It’s because we want to deliver the best product to our clients, and this is how we achieve that.

We simply deliver the best of both worlds so your business can operate off a seamless CRM that has been custom designed for your industry. What could be better!

Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

Serial successful start-up Founder, and former C-level executive, Ben understands that data and systems are what makes everything tick.

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Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

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