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Pipedrive Consultants - Defining the future of sales and success

Since 2017 Motii has been empowering sales teams across the globe using our experience and the cutting edge of sales tools to revolutionise our clients' business - and we get a serious kick out of it.

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Who are Motii?

Motii Pipedrive Consultants are a small and skilled team with decades of experience in sales business management, marketing, software and systems. In addition to the two faces you see here, we work closely with our secret weapons: our software developer, data analyst and data entry specialist.

Director / Ninja

Amber Holmes

A serial GM and queen of attention to detail. Amber knows the value of documentation, collaboration and teamwork

  • 01
    15 years of GM experience
  • 02
    Systems and procedures guru
  • 03
    Customer satisfaction geek
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Director / Dream weaver

Ben Fuller

Founder of successful start-ups, as well as a former C-level executive, Ben understands that data and systems are what makes everything tick.

  • 01
    Experienced C-level executive
  • 02
    Multiple startup exits
  • 03
    Analytics, strategy and business know-how
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"It fits our needs perfectly. The very best. Thanks Motii! Best. Product. Ever!"
Mark Murphy
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Auckland, New Zealand

It's time to turbo charge your sales experience

As Pipeline instalation experts Motii has worked with clients from around the world and across all industries with experience in SaaS, IT, Real Estate, Financial Services, Business Services, Hospitality, Retail and Wholesale, Education, Health and more.

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