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Why Motii?

We're an agile, tech-enabled and people first organisation who understand that a smart-sales advantage isn't just about technology but also mindset, joined-up experiences and the ability to move fast and challenge any assumption.

High growth clients world wide
Uplift in client sales (USD)
16+ Years
Real estate & digital transformation experience
Official Pipedrive Elite partners

Meet your team

Ben Fuller

Director & Co founder

Serial successful start-up founder, and former C-level executive, Ben understands that data and systems are what makes everything tick.

  • Experienced C-level executive
  • Multiple startup exits
  • Business strategy sensei

Amber Holmes

Director & Co founder

A serial GM and attention to detail queen. Amber wrote the book on the value of documentation, collaboration and teamwork.

  • 14 years of GM experience
  • Systems and procedures guru
  • Customer satisfaction geek

Alex A

Kick Ass Developer

API integrations and architect of the Motii Wizard, Listings Manager and pluggeother key tools that make Motii the best solution for Real Estate - worldwide.

Tips T

Data Ninja

Data migration specialist and Pipedrive magician, Tips has moved more 1's and 0's between CRMs than just about anybody on the planet.

Karl E

Automation Wiz

Zapier wizard and all-round technical genuis, Karl is the systems whisperer. If you want one piece of software to talk to another, Karl is your translator.

Mark M

Integration partner

Co-founder of our sister service Embark - Open homes, Mark is also our design leader and customer experience champion that helps Motii deliver industry defining sales experiences.

Josh T

Integration partner

Co-founder of Embark - Motii's open home experience, and full stack developer. Josh's work delivers bleeding edge technology experiences to Motii's clients.

Anca B

Developer Rockstar

Coder extraordinaire and the glue that makes Motii tick day-to-day, Anca makes sure that the Motii Wizard and other API integrations keep on keeping on.

Thomas C

Data Artist

Data analyst and the brains behind Motii's world-class vendor reports. Tomas's work extracts your data from Pipedrive and other systems and uses it to create beautiful, automated reports.

Nikki J

Money Maestro

Nikki is the human calculator behind Motii's payables and receivables. Nikki is in charges of cheques and balances here at Motii.


We're hiring!

Team Motii is always on the hunt for individuals who want to redefine the future of sales success - if this sounds like you, we'd love to chat.

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We believe CRM is no longer enough - Motii and Pipedrive exists to instill performance culture through technology and training that produces revolutionary sales experiences and makes your business unbeatable.

"Ben and his team were the utmost professionals in how they approach everything." - Matt

"We love that Motii continue to innovate"
- Jamie

"Motii are dependable, responsive and forward-thinking." - Brent

"Motii team are rockstars!" - Craig

"I’d highly recommend them to any business as they would be a great asset!" - Paul

"They strive to find the easy way to do things by removing complexity and thinking a few steps ahead" - Shanti

"Outstanding! The Motii team are the experts" - Eric

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What is Motii?


Motii is a Real Estate specific CRM built on top of Pipedrive - the world’s easiest to use CRM. We have made changes to the standard Pipedrive so that it works for your industry. We also partner with some of the best in breed marketing, telephony, reporting and signing platforms to provide a seamless Real Estate experience. Motii is Real Estate that is powered by Pipedrive

Who is Motii?


Motii is a fast growing team founded by Real Estate and technology professionals Ben Fuller and Amber Holmes. You can find out more and discover who's who  in the Motii zoo over on our company page.

Is Motii available in my country or region?


Motii is customised for Real Estate for the European, North American, Australia and Asian markets

Where is Motii based?


Motii services North American, Europe and Asia from our Australian headquarters. But we have support and development staff in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Can I import data from my current CRM?


Yes. This is one of the main tasks Motii performs for our clients during the implementation phase. Our experienced team of data ninjas takes your data and transforms it into something of beauty inside Pipedrive  

How long does a Motii implementation take?


Implementation times can vary. For a simple plug-and-play for a small business it can be as quick as 48-hours. Large teams of 50+ with a CRM-to-CRM data migration can take 2 weeks to a month (including training)

Is Motii a Pipedrive company?


Motii is a private company and a Pipedrive Elite-Level Partner. We are separate from Pipedrive and offer the the Pipedrive product as our core-solution. But Motii has changed and tailored Pipedrive specifically for the Real Estate, business broking and investing/wholesaling markets

How long has Motii been operating?


Motii has been running since 2017 and since then has serviced hundreds of clients worldwide. From teams of one to multi-locations teams of 100+ we have experience across all types of Real Estate.

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Co-founder at Motii

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