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Motii Saddles up to ride Pipedrive’s new Unicorn

Pipedrive Building On Success

Building on success is one of the best ways to achieve even greater success. This is exactly what we have done here at Motii as part of the Pipedrive family. What makes us so great? It’s the fact that we haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch. Instead, we have built a real estate platform on top of a unicorn, billion-dollar company that is continuing to soar to new heights. What do they always say? It’s not about what you know, but who you know. Here at Motii, we recognise success when we see it, which is why we’ve backed a winner in this unicorn race as Pipedrive snags top status. But what does this mean for you? And what can you expect us to deliver? 


Pipedrive’s Unicorn Status

Pipedrive is one of the leading CRMs on the market, and after receiving a major investment from leading global investment firm, Vista Equity Partners, they have now reached unicorn status. Now valued at $1 billion, the sky is quite literally the limit for this soaring business.

This investment has placed Pipedrive on a whole new level when it comes to delivering their multi-product revenue platform. Their goal is to provide small and mid-sized business users with powerful tools that cover the entire customer journey, which involves developing a set of products for various customer-facing teams – from marketing to sales.


What Does This Mean For Motii?

Firstly, and most importantly, it means we have affiliated ourselves with the best of the best. Buckle up, because we get to join them on this amazing unicorn ride as they reach even greater heights. Their success is our success, as you can rest-assured in the knowledge that our CRM has been built on top of one of the world’s best CRMs.

Being part of the Pipedrive family means that we can deliver superior technology, as they continue to grow and evolve, while providing best in class service to our customers. We concentrate on the real estate stuff while Pipedrive builds out the big features. 

Updated version of Pipedrive 'P' logo with a unicorn to represent the investment by Vista Equity Partners.

Your Real Estate Business

When it comes to real estate success, it takes more than just any old CRM.

You want a platform that tracks everything for managing interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. The better the technology, the more ease you can track, organise, automate and synchronise all your processes.

A significant number of real estate companies already benefit from Pipedrive and Motii’s easy to use, intuitive and highly automated CRM to organise all of their sales activities and make sure that their agents have the market and clients at their fingertips, helping them to meet or exceed their quotas. Pipedrive follows the workflow of real estate agents, managing the sales pipeline from listing to leads to closing.  It means your business can use fewer platforms, while achieving greater results.

This is what gives Motii a huge advantage over traditional real estate CRMs. Motii, powered by Pipedrive, offers email sync email sync, drag & drop interface, easily customisation, simple 3rd party integrations, world-class mobile app, and a visual CRM that is consistently voted the world’s easiest to use CRM. Put simply, we take the best of the technologies offered by Pipedrive and improve and customise them to cater specifically for the real estate industry. As they continue to grow and innovative – so do we! 

Where To Next?

With Pipeline’s unicorn status behind us, we’re excited to go along for the ride. As they innovate the tech on their side, we’ll be able to use this to build on our tech offering, targeting it specifically for the real estate audience.  

With Pipedrive’s amazing infrastructure behind us, we’re able to build on top and focus our attention on designing  key features that you can take advantage of in your real estate business, such as commission calculators, vendor reports, stock lists and more. It’s official, if you’re after a unicorn business with your best interests at heart, you’ve found it!

New Pipedrive graphic of 3 Unicorns dancing to represent the investment by Vista Equity

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