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Motii - Your Pipedrive Consultants in Singapore

Pipedrive CRM services in Singapore

Motii provides expert Pipedrive CRM services in Singapore. As the only Pipedrive Elite-Level partner in the APAC region, Motii is the go-to consultant for expert Pipedrive CRM services in Singapore. 

We provide Pipedrive consultation services, expert data migration assistance, Pipedrive training and can even offer discounted Pipedrive subscription rates to our Singapore clients. 

We know that having a customer-centric business plan is the key to a successful business. The cornerstone of any such plan is your CRM. We understand the importance of how you manage your customers in the Singapore market and can tailor a CRM solution for you that speaks specifically to this region. 

Motii has extensive experience with Singapore headquartered clients and are used to rolling our CRM solutions for medium to large companies that have their head office in Singapore but service the wider south-east Asian region. In the past, we provide Pipedrive training sessions for companies with an office in every country in ASEAN plus Japan, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. 


Pipedrive CRM

To smooth the rollout of the CRM provide go-live support as well as after implementation monitoring to ensure that no matter if you’re headquartered in Singapore or Sydney your head office staff are well-trained and your satellite locations get exactly the same service and support. 

Pipedrive CRM is an intelligent solution with a class-leading mobile app, easy-to-use visual interface and sits on top of the latest technologies. In addition to this Motii can further customise Pipedrive to your needs with our Motii Wizard API client.  

Benefits To Use Motii for CRM

Pipedrive is It is an enterprise-ready software, mainly for small and medium businesses. We work with businesses with between 5 and 500 employees and have offices in Singapore, Bangkok and Melbourne. Motii customises Pipedrive CRM so that it is suitable for the Singapore market. We then provide online customer support, marketing and sales support to our Singapore CRM clients. This support assists you to systematically manage your existing customers and build new customers. It is designed to eliminate excessive use of paper and make it a productive, paperless and fast-paced environment for you.

  • A single platform to manage your businesses sales processes¬†
  • Also suitable for project management¬†
  • Pipedrive customisation¬†
  • Cloud-based CRM¬†
  • Fully customisable with Motii‚Äôs API client¬†
  • CRM telephony and call centre integration¬†
  • Digital signing tool integration¬†
  • Pipedrive offers rich reporting via the Insights business intelligence feature Business intelligence CRM.
  • Low-cost CRM starting from US$15 per User with most customers using the US$29 per month plan¬†
  • Class-leading Pipedrive mobile app¬†

As your business grows in Singapore, so will your CRM needs. Motii and Pipedrive CRM combine seamlessly to not only manage your current needs but also to provide you with outstanding return-on-investment over the long term. 

Wall map showing Motii services in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia

Why is Pipedrive CRM the right choice for you?

Digital.com named Pipedrive CRM as among the top CRM platforms. Cost=effective but fully-featured enough to handle enterprise clients, Pipedrive is famed for it visual pipeline and easy to use interface. It is simple to manage customers with one click. Motii can then customise Pipedrive for you so that you can maintain and grow your customer database. Our expertise in the Singapore and SE Asian markets allow you to generate more leads and conversions, as well as open up more opportunities for client communication. 

Sales in this part of the world are unique and when selling across borders, no matter if your clients are in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia, you want to be able to easily switch currencies, sales funnels, teams and reporting so it is specific to the country you are working at that time. 

Elevator Pitch

With Pipedrive you can consider your sales done. Pipedrive can be completely automated so that repetitive tasks are taken away from your sales team so they can focus on what is important. From sales to customer support and services to reports and marketing, Pipedrive handles everything with ease and speed.

Pipedrive provides enterprise-grade business productivity-enhancing marketing, digital signing, prospecting and CRM features that make the life of your salespeople easy. Other features like integrated email and calendar mean that your prospects are engaged more often and more easily. 

Why Motii?

Singapore is an expensive place to be headquartered and Motii can customise Pipedrive so that your CRM costs are reduced. By using Pipedrive you can rid your company of unnecessary software and rely on the rich array of Pipedrive features to provide everything you need. Pipedrive takes away the worry and There’s no hassle or worry with TigernixCRM and its exclusive features.

Motii is able to customise Pipedrive for our Singapore clients so that it is suitable for all industries. Contact Motii today to get a demo of Pipedrive and our CRM expertise here in Singapore. 

Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

Serial successful start-up Founder, and former C-level executive, Ben understands that data and systems are what makes everything tick.

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Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

Motii Makes Global Waves, Winning Prestigious Tech Award

Motii.co specialises in bespoke CRM solutions and effective sales training, empowering organisations to achieve sales excellence. As Pipedrive's 2023 Global Partner of the year AND 2021 partner of the year in APAC, Motii.co's expertise is underscored by its status as the region's sole Elite Partner. Visit us at https://www.motii.co for more information.

Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

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