A CRM for the Construction Industry

Motii has extensive experience working with manufacturing companies that supply to the construction industry in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia. Some of our biggest clients have SE Asian based manufacturing with sales teams spread throughout the region. Click here to read a case study of the Davis Group. One of APACs biggest suppliers of lighting products to the construction industry, Davis engaged Motii to provide a custom CRM software solution. 

More complexity requires better systems 

The construction industry is becoming more complex. Companies need a system that can track items like original quote value, variance to date, quote type as well as all of the contractors, trade contractors and subcontractors that are involved in a construction project at its various stages. 

Pipedrive Construction CRM offers a very flexible and user-friendly platform that allows tracking of all the various stakeholders. No matter what kind of construction business you are running, implementing Pipedrive along with Motii’s construction industry-specific modifications will allow you to accurately track and report on sales at all stages of the sales cycle. Motii is able to apply custom API calls to Pipedrive and provide a solution that is tailored to the construction industry. The ability to accurately track project data and surface this data to sales, manufacturing and maintenance teams is critical to gaining a competitive advantage. 

A CRM is a Business Engine For Growth

If you are a manufacturing company that supplies to the construction industry, then the following offers a brief insight into some of the features that Pipedrive CRM offers and why Pipedrive is the best construction industry CRM. 

The best mobile app for construction 

One of the key requirements in the construction industry is an easy to use mobile app. Your sales teams are often out of the road and using a construction CRM that doesn’t have a world-class mobile app is a handbrake on sales. Data is not entered and key information is missing from the system. Pipedrive’s mobile app is top-rated above other CRM mobile apps and seamlessly integrates so that there is never any excuse not to get critical project data into the system. 


Pipedrive Insight reports - Deal Value Over Time
Deal Value Of Won Deals Closed Per Month - Pipedrive Insights Reports

Improved pipeline management

One of the key metrics you need when supplying to the construction industry is an easy visualisation of which contractors consistently win you business and which contractors consistently never provide leads that convert into sales. 

Pipedrive is a visual CRM that provides you with increased visibility of your sales pipeline. This enables you to quickly assess your prospective clients in terms of your sales cycle. You can easily see which construction projects of yours contain the most potential, which one is about to either be won or lost. 

With a clear and visual overview, it becomes easy for you to figure out which are the areas you need to focus on and which would be a waste of your time and energy. A construction CRM can also play a very important role when it comes to optimising your sales activities. It does so by letting you know the exact phases where a particular deal is likely to collapse. This gives you a chance to be proactive and try to fix the situation using different types of approaches.


Automate repetitive tasks

Pipedrive provides you with the ability to automate repetitive tasks. Whether it is following up on contracts, sending templated emails to general administrative admin. Motii is able to further customise your system so that these automations are specific to you and the construction industry. For example, data entry can be automated via forms. Scheduling appointments and sharing critical information becomes easier with automations and you can easily free up time for your sales staff to work on more high-value tasks. 

Our custom CRM for construction management allows you to automate the sending of project details to multiple stakeholders by combining custom fields with email templates so that you can provide all the information they need at the click of a button. Instead of sending project details in separate emails to each contractor, your customised construction CRM can automatically send a similar email to every contact you select with predefined project information.  Your sub-contractors will appreciate the constant and detailed communication and your team can concentrate and nurturing existing leads and generating new ones. 


According to Mckinsey, the construction industry is moving towards integrated custom platforms that focuses on better serving their customer’s needs. This has only been accelerated by the move to less face-to-face contact caused by the pandemic. 

Integrating your key systems into your construction CRM is crucial for improving collaboration. By using Pipedrive and having standard procedures and aligning goals across sales, onboarding, project management and your manufacturing teams, you will make more sales. But also integrating other third-party systems used by different teams creates a far more seamless experience for your construction CRM system users. 

Having all of your data in one place with everything only the click of a button away simplifies day-to-day processes and gives your sales team access to all of the data they need to make decisions that lead to sales. Making this happen though requires plenty of pre-planning and an understanding of the end goal. One way to approach this is to focus on two key aspects - database segmentation and internal reporting. However, this is easier said than done and if you don’t take a holistic approach to your companies internal systems, you can end up with platforms that don’t talk to each other and a CRM that whilst is it designed for construction companies doesn’t truly service your needs because it is not integrated to other key systems. The best CRM for construction sales is not a standalone product. But is should underpin your tech stack and be the central source of truth for your business. 

Contact management

Motii’s refined CRM for the construction industry facilitates easy contact management. Whether it is the class-leading mobile app or the easy to use visual interface, entering and tracking contacts has never been easier. At the end of the day, when it comes to a CRM solution for the construction industry it is all about managing your contacts. from main contractors to trade contractors and sub-contractors our construction industry CRM application helps you to manage your database in an easy and effective way. 

Motii designs your database using multiple different parameters that allows for easy segmentation. This makes generating reports and surfacing key data simple. Capturing details like construction start date, estimated first delivery date, total project value, estimated contract value, lead source, industry sector and quote update time allows you to generate granular reports that means you close more deals. 

Tracking deal information specific to the construction industry like wholesalers, architects, end clients, competitors, developers, trade contractors and more is easy with Motii’s construction industry CRM solution. In fact, much of the heavy lifting is automated and we 

Via the Smart Contact Data feature available in Pipedrive CRM applications you can, at the click of a button, extract hard to find contact information from social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, industry databases and more. It means that your sales staff always have the latest and most up to date details on 

Activity management

One of the most important features of a construction CRM is that it enables you to track sales and project management related activities. You don't always have full control when it comes to closing a deal. However, what you can do is control the tasks that have been carried out by your sales team in order to achieve the goal. Some of these tasks include making phone calls, sending emails, and maintaining a proper channel of communications. If all these things are in place, and they are maintained consistently, in that case, the chances of closing deals with a win are increased. 

Construction CRM systems should be easy to use

A construction management CRM should allow you and your team to capture the data you need easily and efficiently. And then visualise that information in the form of easy to track deals and beautiful graphical reporting. 

If you are after a construction company CRM, please don’t hesitate to contact Motii for a product demonstration. 

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Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

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