Cutting Through Pipedrive App CRM Jargon

Navigating your way around a CRM can be a daunting task for the first-timer - even when that CRM is as easy to use as Pipedrive App! Terms that you may never have used before in business will crop up, which can make it daunting to dive in and give it go. But never fear, Motii is here to help unlock this mystery world of jargon. We will walk you through some of the terminology you might come across, so you can get started with confidence!

How to ensure success of a CRM project


a lead in the real estate world is a possible buyer or seller. Someone who is looking at putting their house on the market or to rent out a space they own, or someone looking to buy a house. Leads can come from a variety of different platforms, such as Facebook, email, phone and more. They might be added manually by your salesperson, or auto-added based on an action like them filling out a contact form.


a deal is a prospect or potential sale. They are more developed than a lead and have already indicated they are interested in your service helping them buy or sell a house. Deals are moved through stages of your pipeline as they meet certain thresholds such as ‘Contact Made’ or ‘Properties sent’. 

GIF of Pipedrive sales pipeline for incoming leads & deals.


as you might expect, persons are who you’re in contact with. It could be the husband and wife looking to buy their first home as a family. It might be the old couple looking for a retirement home. They are the individuals that you are hoping to close a deal with. Essentially anyone you interact with should be a person (contact) within Pipedrive. 


These are the companies you are dealing with. They could be businesses who are looking for new office locations. Or they could be your own suppliers, such as accountants, printers and more. Any business you have or are likely to interact with will be in your contacts under organisation.


This is an umbrella term Pipedrive uses for both a person and an organisation (company). In the Pipedrive navigation, you’ll first select contacts and then either person or organisation. 


The mail tab in Pipedrive App is where your emails live. You can check your inbox, compose emails, and link emails to deals and leads. It is similar to email clients like Gmail and Outlook, and in fact, your current email client should be integrated to Pipedrive so that the two work in sync. 


Pipedrive App is an activities-based CRM. This means they are the most important part. Think of them like dot points on a to-do list...each one holding a lot of essential information for your business. It goes beyond just date and subject, and also includes a link to the person, organisation, type of activity, location, deal and more.

Deal Stage: 

Each Deal Stage is a key milestone in your pipeline. People often overemphasise the importance of pipeline stages. While they should represent different stages in your sales or business process, you shouldn’t try to track every single small interaction as a stage in your pipeline (that is what activities are for). Pipeline stages should only represent major milestones in your business processes. 


These different deal stages make up your pipeline. As a real estate business, you might have a single sales pipeline, or you may opt for multiple sales pipelines to split up renters, home buyers, sellers and more. Although, it is important to remember that it is usually possible to get by with a minimum of pipelines and then to use filters to break and split data in those pipelines into smaller segments as required. 


In Pipedrive App the automation tool is called Workflow Automation. It allows you to automate basic, repetitive tasks. For example, you might want to send an email with a link to an eBook to the prospect when you move them into the Proposal Sent stage of your pipeline. Workflow automation allows you to make this happen automatically each and every time. No forgetting. No being lazy and not getting around to it. Workflow automation can be used for everything from emails to setting activities to creating deals. 


This is Pipedrive’s business intelligence (BI) tool. This fully-customisable tool allows you to create reports that can be placed into different dashboards, which are easily shared via weblink. Insights allows you to track all your important KPIs across individuals, teams or the whole company. You can set goals and monitor leading and lagging indicators in a beautiful visual display. 

Pipedrive Insights Reporting Platform


Pipedrive App allows you to create products for the items that you sell. For example, when you get a new house listing in your agencies, you can link this product to deals, people or organisations connected to it. You can view them within filters, so you can splice and dice the data to suit your needs. Within the product you can add costs, tax, notes, product codes and more. When you close the deal, you’re easily able to record the deal value and other key data.  


This simply, yet effective tool, saves you and your client from endless back and forth emails or messages to find a meeting time that suits both parties. Instead, you can automate the process. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Your client can select from regular time slots you set in advance.
  2. You can allocate and share specific time slots you have chosen as a one off.

You share your availability via a link and your client can choose a time that suits them. You both receive a confirmation and the meeting appears in your calendar. The time slot chosen is then removed for anyone else who has received the invite link. 


This is an AI Chatbot that engages with visitors to your website and allows you to qualify them without the need for human interaction. You can customise the look and even the name of the Chatbot, along with the questions it asks and how it responds to your leads. This is all done through an easy-to-use editor. 

Live Chat: 

The leadbooster now includes a live chat. This means you will get alerted when human interaction is required - as great as the Chatbot is, sometimes you need to step in. Now you know exactly when! Once notified, your staff can take over from the Pipedrive Chatbot. This can be done from desktop or mobile devices. 


Pipedrive’s webforms were upgraded in the latter part of 2020 and now rival many of the high-profile commercial form builders. For most use cases, you’ll be able to utilise the Pipedrive webforms. 

How Can Motii Help?

The lingo might sound confusing when you are getting used to the CRM, but within a few short weeks, it’ll become second nature to you. Pipedrive App is well-known as one of the easiest-to-use CRMs, and for good reason. Everything flows and makes sense! So brush up on the terminology above and good luck!

Contact Motii Today for a free Pipedrive App CRM consultation and together we can slice through the jargon together.

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