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Get to Know Motii

Ben Fuller is interviewed on everything 'Motii.' Integrations,software partnerships, challenges in the industries, why Pipedrive and what happens if you choose to engage the Motii team.

Next Steps for New Pipedrivers

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Pipedrive Basics- Getting Started

Brand new to Pipedrive CRM? These videos will get you on the road to success.

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How to add Motii Team as a free user in your Pipedrive account

By following these steps, you can easily add your designated Pipedrive partner (a Motii team member) as a free user to your Pipedrive account.

Link emails to Deals (when Pipedrive does not)

In Pipedrive CRM linking emails to deals in Pipedrive can be done manually when the algorithm doesn't automatically link them, here we show you how.

How to Contact Pipedrive Support

Pipedrive support is always available to help you with any technical issues you may have. If your issue is related to work processes, workflows or general sales operations questions, reach out to Motti instead.

Setting Up Personal Preferences in Pipedrive

The video is a Motii Tips and Tricks guide for setting up personal preferences in Pipedrive including deal 'side bar' customisation.

Insights Advanced: Full Dashboard Build

This video highlights the flexibility of Pipedrive insights by demonstrating how to create and arrange different types of reports on a dashboard to gain valuable business insights.

What is Motii's 'Why'?

What is the Motii team like, are there any big characters?

What knowledge do you have in the industries you work with?

What skill sets does your team have?

What would the ultimate set-up be for a client that is a digital agency?

What would be the ultimate set-up for a client that is a finance company?

When is the best time for customers to engage Motii's services?

When clients come to you what are the commonalities?

Why would I engage Motii when I could undertake the work myself?

Why does Motii align with Pipedrive CRM?

Do you tend to work with businesses of a certain size?

How did Motii get started?

How did Motii grow to get to where you are today?

Tell us about your team

What are your favourite Pipedrive integrations?

How to Create an Basic Automation in Pipedrive

How to Set Up Basic Reports in Pipedrive Insights

Maximising Your Sales Pipeline with Pipedrive Filters

How to Set Up Lost Reasons in Pipedrive CRM

Why Winning and Losing deals are Important in Pipedrive CRM

The Importance of Activities in Pipedrive CRM

How to Invite a Team Member into Pipedrive CRM Step by Step Guide

How to Set Up Email Signature in Pipedrive CRM

How to Setup Email and Calendar Sync in Pipedrive

How to Create and Reorder Custom Fields in Pipedrive CRM

Configuring & Editing Your Sales Pipeline in Pipedrive CRM

Maximizing Your Sales Pipeline with Pipedrive Filters

Getting Started with Pipedrive Personal settings

Get Started!! Pipedrive CRM introduction and terminology


Motii Academy

Choose a CRM partner who can train and motivate your team

There is more to successfully implementing a CRM than getting it right technically. Your team has to embrace the change. Adoption is half the challenge. Motii's proven methods work with teams from 5 to 500 people.

The Motii Pipedrive Academy guarantees that your team will attain expert-level status. One-to-one or one-to-many live training sessions reinforce the Academy learnings and put your team on a path to success.

Sales Coaching

Remote Courses

Learn anywhere, any time - launching soon

With beginner, intermediate and expert courses, your team can develop the skills they need to succeed.

Video Content

Beautifully engaging courseware

No boring textbooks or PowerPoint presentations. Instead enjoy video-based training and getting hands-on with Pipedrive.

One on ONe

Hands on personal coaching

Our one-on-one and one-on-many live coaching sessions impart knowledge and allow your team to ask questions and understand the ins and outs of Pipedrive.

Tailored to you

Learning designed for you and your team

Motii makes custom videos based on your Pipedrive setup for every client. Each system is unique and we tailor our videos and training to account for that.

Results based

Results oriented outcomes

All the training and study in the world means nothing unless your team comes out of the sessions with the knowledge they need. Results matter in the business world and Motii gives your team the tools to succeed.

Continously improve

Tomorrows best practice today

Whether your team is new to Pipedrive or are seasoned veterans, Motii's unique academy and training program helps them implement best-practice processes.

Read About Our Success Stories

Setting up for a seven-figure growth surge

Motii was tasked by the Bucha of Byron to set up Pipedrive and train their Australian-wide sales team.

Providing premium customer experiences at scale

Realista have a diverse client-base spanning three continents, more than 10 countries and multiple languages.

Unlocking a more than 150% revenue boost for USA's leading brokerage

With 26 phones lines, tens of thousands of prospects and high-volume selling with more than 200 buyers to sort through in three days.

Latest updates

Human Touch vs. Automation and AI: Finding the Perfect Balance in Pipedrive

By embracing the powerful duo of automation and AI, you can transform your sales game. Pipedrive equips you with the tools and insights you need to forge genuine connections, close deals faster, and become a true sales leader. Most importantly, these technologies enhance your amazing skills, not replace them. You'll have more time to develop rapport, craft compelling proposals, and deliver knockout presentations – the things that truly set you apart. Get in touch with Motii CRM specialists to take the net steps.

Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

Leveraging Lead Enrichment for Targeted Pipedrive Campaigns

Simply having a list of leads isn't enough. To truly maximise your Pipedrive campaign strategy, you need detailed, comprehensive profiles of your potential customers. This is where lead enrichment comes in.

Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

We Exist to Make Selling Successful

Motii exists to help your business scale-up and thrive. Our team are passionate about diving deeply into your business and developing customised solutions. We then provide specialised training and support to ensure company-wide adoption and project success.

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