Pipedrive for Multi-National Teams

Pipedrive is the perfect sales CRM for global teams. Multi-currency, multi-location and completely customisable and being the world’s easiest to use CRM makes Pipedrive the no.1 choice for companies with multiple sales offices. 

Motii’s experience dealing with large multinationals in the Asia-Pacific region means that no matter if your headquarteres are Sydney or Singapore, Melbourne or Mumbai we can provide a Pipedrive setup that caters to your diverse teams and requirements. 

Motii’s experience with implementing Pipedrive for large teams with global locations guarantees the success of your project. Here are some examples of successful global implementations of Pipedrive by Motii. 

Case Studies

Onboarding and training for large teams 

Motii provides expert training and onboarding for your team;

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Expert support
  • Data migration
  • Workflow planning
  • Video-based training manual
  • Live training sessions for each team and department 

Our experience

Destination Asia is the perfect example of Motii’s experience in implementing and training large teams with offices in multiple locations. With more than 80 Pipedrive users and 11 offices across Asia and Australia, here are some thing we have done for Destination Asia;

  • Delivered a simple system that could grow more complex over time if required 
  • Created reports and dashboards for both salespeople and management 
  • Imported existing data from each team into the new system 
  • Refined and standardised custom field options so that they catered for all countries 
  • Connected external lead sources to Pipedrive for all countries (integration is key to streamlining processes)
  • Provided training on a teams basis including live sessions and video-based training manual 
  • Additional management training 
  • Established weekly and monthly business intelligence reports 
  • Additional training sessions for new staff and staff being left behind 
With offices in eleven countries across Asia and all of these different teams using different systems, we knew we had challenges ahead. The Motii team met that challenge head-on and succeeded in implementing a system on time and on budget. 
Our criteria were that the solution must be: easy to use, adopted by all users, training must be provided for each team and country, management must be able to easily generate the reports they required, and our finance and other teams could pull the data they need.  Motii succeeded in all areas." Cathy Mead, Destination Asia

Why global teams should use Pipedrive:

Pipedrive’s easy to use visual interface will power your sales to greater success Give your sales staff the tools they need to be more effective by taking advantage of Motii’s expert skill in setting up Pipedrive for large distributed teams. 

Visual pipeline style sales 

The intuitive pipeline view means salespersons and managers always know where every deal and prospect is at. Beautiful reports allow you to identify blockages and provide instant sales performance feedback and then adjust your processes accordingly

Superior forecasting

Revenue forecasts, conversion rate reports and lost reason dashboards (to name a few) allow you to view your sales data as meaningful insights providing a reliable forecast and making strategic decisions much easier. You can dive deeper into conversion rates and forcast reports here.

Activity-based selling 

Activities and tasks are the building blocks of better sales. Easily set goals and break down objectives into activities that your team needs to perform confidently. Read more about Pipedrive super power (activities) here

An assistant sales manager 

Let Pipedrive identify successful patterns in your teams’ performance. See which lead sources, markets, BANT scores, salespeople or success managers are contributing most to your success 

Automated data capturing

Automatically capturing data throughout the sales cycle. Make data entry and capture easy by integrating dynamic webforms that include smarts to not only direct your team on what they need to capture but also make the decisions on how the lead is processed and in which region. Remove the friction from your lead capture and save time and staffing costs 

Use Pipedrive to build your sales playbook 

Easily define and monitor your sales SLAs and KPIs by setting goals in Pipedrive that drive your team to hit their targets. Test and measure to ensure their effectiveness

Enterprise businesses need enterprise-level security features

Pipedrive’s new security features leave legacy players for dead. The visual security dashboard is easy to use but comes with the power to and flexibility that gives you full control over your data distribution and user access

One of the world’s most popular CRMs for large companies

Pipedrive’s progress from a simple solution for small teams to a true enterprise-level piece of software has taken 3+-years. But the results are impressive. Crucially, they have maintained the super easy to use interface and the philosophy that software should be built for salespeople. Let Motii use our experience to provide a friction-free onboarding for your large team. Pipedrive is a user-friendly sales solution loved by 100,000 companies worldwide

Dedicated Account Manager and Support 

Large teams benefit from one of Motii's dedicated account managers whose role it is to know every aspect of your tech-stack. Check this out for your answer to 'Why Motii'

- - - - - - -

If you need help architecting and implementing a CRM for large or multinational team, we’re at your service. Not only are we Pipedrive Elite-level partners, but we’re also vastly experienced in coordinating with large teams, making us perfect for the job. 

Reach out to us today and our expert team will help you find a solution that’s suitable for you. Start your free 21-day extended trial today.

Ben Fuller

Co-founder at Motii

Serial successful start-up Founder, and former C-level executive, Ben understands that data and systems are what makes everything tick.

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